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The practice of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is regulated in a number of Canadian provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. In other provinces, including in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, regulatory activities are in progress. Individuals wishing to offer psychotherapy services must therefore complete the training required by each provincial college. 

While the training we offer may be recognized in other Canadian provinces, it was designed specifically for individuals seeking to obtain a psychotherapy permit in Quebec. 

Training requirements for Quebec

In order to qualify for a psychotherapy permit in Quebec, candidates must be members of an eligible order and hold a master's degree in the field of mental health and human relations. They must also complete theoretical and clinical training. 

Theoretical training

Candidates must complete the courses listed below, which are grouped into 6 domains: 1. theoretical models; 2. common factors; 3. critical tools; 4. mental disorders and psychopathology; 5. the link between biology and psychotherapy; 6. the legal and organizational aspects of psychotherapy; and 7. ethics. The training in these domain is theoretical. 

  • 270 hours related to theoretical models in psychotherapy. 45 of these 270 hours must be related to each of these four recognized modalities (dynamic, cognitive behavioral, systemic, and humanistic). An additional 90 hours must be related to one of the four models;
  • 90 hours related to common factors in psychotherapy;
  • 90 hours related to critical tools, including research methods;
  • 180 hours related to the classification of mental disorders and psychopathology;
  • 45 hours related to the link between biology and psychotherapy;
  • 45 hours related to the legal and organizational aspects of practice; and
  • 45 hours related to ethics.

Clinical training

Applicants must also complete 600 hours of clinical training, including:

  • 300 hours of direct contact with a minimum of 10 clients/patients, each client/patient having received at least 10 hours of therapy; and
  • 100 hours of individual supervision.

Theoretical training offered by Medipsy

Medipsy offers a number of theoretical courses for the psychotherapy permit.  

  • All our courses are 100% online
  • All our courses are pre-approved by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ)
  • All courses includes the required tests and exams. These are also completed online. Exams include a variety of question formats, and exam questions are generated randomly so not every exam is the same. Should you fail an exam, you can revise the course content and retake the exam as needed. 
  • You are in complete control: you can start the course whenever you wish, and pause and resume as you please. There is no deadline to complete a course.               

Are you waiting for a course or a workshop that isn't out yet? Let us know!

Supervision offered by Medipsy

Medipsy offers supervision to practitioners wishing to meet the requirements of the Order of psychologists for the psychotherapy permit. Practitioners who already have a clientele can work with a Medipsy supervisor on an hourly basis to meet the requirements of the OPQ. Practitioners who do not have a clientele can see Medipsy patients and receive supervision from a Medipsy supervisor. 

Please contact us at for more information. 

Looking for continuing education?

Medipsy also offers continuing education for established professionals. These workshops are offered in person in Montreal or online


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